The 5 Stages of a Remote Job Interview Process Remote Recruitment Agency

It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it could be a bit annoying to the interviewer. To stay focused, take a sticky note and place it just underneath your webcam. This gives you a visual reminder that you need to look at the webcam.

Also use this time to review your resume and the job description, and consider how your past experience might help you exceed in the role. Having this information fresh in your mind will help you feel more confident during the video call. Read our remote hiring guide in your own time, at your own pace. For a more extensive list, check out our advice for the go-to remote hiring tools. It’s vital to hire collaboratively with your team which is extra challenging when hiring remote. It’s even more challenging if you’re receiving all your applications in a shared email inbox.

How to Wow a Recruiter During a Remote Interview

If you or your interviewer are hard to hear, it’s easier and easier to interrupt each other, and that’s especially possible if there’s a delay. You get to show your future employer how you hold a conversation, how you shake hands and how you hold eye contact confidently. No one said taking a remote interview is easy, especially when there are so many factors to navigate. It’s therefore important to head confidently into an interview to show your worth and value. After all, the difference between you landing the job and not doing it can be the one aspect you chose not to prepare and polish. So, make sure you leave very little on the shoulders of fortune and take the interview well prepared.

  • If you’re feeling nervous, remember that’s normal, especially if you’re not used to interviewing remotely.
  • This will give candidates a feel for the broader culture that they would otherwise get when visiting your office.
  • That’s a big factor in terms of what employers look for when hiring.
  • Is the relative solitude of remote work a natural fit for your work style because it allows you to get into deep focus?

Hiring remote is simply a different ball game than IRL (in-real-life) hiring. Join the ranks of industry leading brands who read and love our content. Webinars Host compelling webinars with rich engagement features.Automated Webinars Fully automate your webinars with preset workflows.Virtual Events Scale your internal and external virtual events with ease. You’ve ever heard that cheesy saying that goes something like ‘Eyes are the doors of the soul’?. Do you prefer to be in constant communication with your coworkers via Slack? Is the relative solitude of remote work a natural fit for your work style because it allows you to get into deep focus? – instead of jumping right into the assessment of the candidate’s character and skills.

Test your technology beforehand.

When the remote interview is over, thank the candidate for their time, and tell them what’s going to happen next in the process and when they can expect to hear from you. One-way video interviews are pre-recorded, so you can evaluate them at any time, at your own convenience. Log into Handshake and check out their profile, read reviews from peers who’ve worked or interned there, and scope out recent news coverage of the organization for developments.

What is a remote interview?

Remote interviews are conducted when an interviewer and a candidate are in different locations. These types of interviews are done over video conferences. Remote interviews are generally used to screening candidates during the initial stages of recruitment.

One hack that I do for myself is whenever I’m not charging my iremote interview process, I charge my AirPods case. When I feel like the AirPods case must be done, I plug my iPhone back in, and it’s a charging cycle like this. If Google Meet is problematic, have a backup plan like a call-in number through a phone, or a Skype or Zoom account. You can speak without background noise, and you can also listen to other participants in a call without their background noise. If you live in a city like NYC, you’re probably pretty accustomed to loud airplanes flying overhead, and very frequent ambulances and firetrucks with alarms sounding . Remember that you want to impress the interviewer and give him or her your full attention.

The Cons of Remote Interviewing

As long as you have the best video conferencing software, using multimedia as part of your interviews is incredibly easy. You can share graphs and tables for technical questions, videos for situational questions, and images or PDFs for brain teaser questions. Online interviews should always be with the camera on; that way, you can establish a deeper connection with candidates instead of just talking like if you were a robot. Also, don’t try to mimic the onsite experience online, because honestly, it’s impossible. Instead of trying to emulate reality digitally, embrace the new virtual setting.

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